Duo Kakemono at the Arc of Iris, Part of the West Australian Guitar Festival -12.10.19

Guitarists Alex Borthwick and Simon Jeans have been mainstays on the Perth and Fremantle music scenes for many years performing, recording and touring in various original jazz and funk bands such as The Crux, The Armani Consort, thumpR, Memory of Elements & Thrust (to name a few).

Alongside their original projects both musicians are regularly in demand as sidemen for local, national and international artists, performing on stages from the Ellington Jazz Club to the Perth Concert Hall.

Initially meeting in the 1990s when Alex was still in high school, he and Simon have since become fast friends and collaborators.
Their first gigs as a duo on amplified nylon string guitars gradually expanded to include the steel string acoustic, eventually evolving to both guitarists primarily performing together on f-hole archtops.
Known affectionally by most players as the “jazz box”, playing these guitars has inevitably lead to a never-ending discussion on the merits of roundwounds vs flats.

String debates aside, when they aren’t engaged in the even more fierce battle of “duelling headstocks” (as has been known to happen when the only right hander on stage refuses to learn to play lefty), Alex and Simon pride themselves on their versatility across a range of genres.
Showcasing the tradition of jazz and Latin standards with the occasional instrumental twist on more recent pop and contemporary tunes, Duo Kakemono paint from a broad palette, delivered with a strong focus on melodic improvisation and groove.