Arc of Iris, not just another restaurant...

A unique dining experience offering something for everyone.

The Lounge Bar – designed for your relaxation.

We converted the old restaurant into a stunning Lounge Bar and Bistro offering local wine, craft beers, cocktails and our delicious menu.

It’s an eclectic, fun space where everything is not quite matching, and yet it all comes together to create a wonderful homely feel. The seats are big and comfortable because we want you to relax, enjoy your drinks and take your time.

Feel totally at home over some local wine and craft beers, or let our mixologists do their magic and create you something unique. Our entire food menu is available here, however for that overall dining experience check out our restaurant.

The Restaurant – local, fresh, free-range.

Our new restaurant space is beautiful and unique, with ambient lighting, open fire space and a stunning feature wall welcoming guests to a warm environment.

The restaurant extends out to a large terrace for those warm summer nights, with blinds offering protection in the winter month.

The restaurant is a popular choice amongst locals and visitors, therefore we recommend booking a table.

Arc of Iris, a short history of a much loved icon!

Now available for private functions

The expanded, refurbished and modernised version of Arc of Iris that you see today is a very long way from it’s humble beginnings!

Today you will see a stunning restaurant, chic lounge bar and bistro, live music and outside terrace, plus a menu boasting the region’s best local produce, wines, beers and spirits.

So, where and how did we get here? The Arc of Iris is a Margaret River institution and over the years has been much loved by both locals and visitors alike, and remains one of the region’s oldest restaurants.

In the beginning…

The Arc as it was – April 2014

There were very few tables and chairs, so customers simply brought their own along with them. For a long time, drinks were served from old jam jars and there were old oil drums to sit on. As The Arc got more popular, patrons began going to the op shop to purchase mismatched crockery, cutlery and furniture – and so the eclectic look of The Arc began to take form.

The Arc has always encouraged a laid back attitude, with its unique shabby-but-characterful setting matched only by the antics of the owners. It really was unique! And aside from the pub, it was the only dining venue in town.

Sarah and Marc Griffiths are the current and fourth set of owners who have maintained The Arc’s spirit since taking ownership in April 2014. Sarah and Marc were also the visionaries for the new-look venue.

In September 2018, The Arc as you see it today began to take shape.  With the restaurant next door closing, it opened up an opportunity to expand what was a tiny, run-down restaurant to incorporate the now vacant space. An ambitious building project was undertaken over just a few months and the two premises were combined to create what is The Arc today. We sincerely hope you enjoy it!